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Vodavi Talkpath VM Setting Time & Date

These instructions may not be compatible with all configurations or software revisions.

  1. Access System Administrator mailbox.
  2. Press and then enter password.
  3. Press 7 for Supervisor Functions
    Press 8 for System Administration
    Press 4 to set up system date and time
  4. Enter 2 digit month (Press to go back or # to cancel.)
    Enter 2 digit day
    Enter 4 digit year
    Enter 2 digit hour in military time format
    (ex: 8 a.m. = 08 and 8 p.m. = 20)
    Enter 2 digit minute
  5. Press # to confirm or press to cancel.
    After pressing the # key, a recording will say, "The system's date and time was changed. The system will now reset itself."