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Nortel ICS Setting Time & Date

These instructions may not be compatible with all configurations or software revisions.

  1. With phone on-hook, press the Feature key (older phones labeled as Feature/on newer phones, label looks like a globe.
    Display reads: Feature:
  2. Press 8 4 6 3 (same as pressing T I M E )
    Display reads: Password:
  3. Enter password (call BCS if you do not have your password)
    Display reads: Hour: 01
  4. Press CHANGE
  5. Enter two-digit hour
    Display prompts you to choose AM or PM.
    Press OK or CHANGE (to switch to PM or AM)
    Press NEXT
  6. Display reads: Minutes: 00
    Press CHANGE
    Type two-digit minute
  7. Press the Feature key.