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Mitel SX-200 ML/EL/ICP Programming System Speed Dial from Attendant Console

These instructions may not be compatible with all configurations or software revisions.

WARNING — There may be speed dial bins reserved for a specific function. Check with your vendor for a list of speed dial bins you should not change.

  1. Press the FUNCTION key.
  2. Press the ATT FUNCTION softkey.
  3. Press the ABBR DIAL softkey.
  4. Enter the desired index number (000 through 999).
    Note: You can insert pauses in the numbers. Enter 9 for each 1-second pause; enter 1 for each 5-second pause. There are some conditions that apply to inserting pauses in speed calls.
  5. Press the ENTER softkey.
  6. Press the PRIVATE softkey (only if this is to be a confidential number).
  7. Enter the desired index number.
  8. Press the SET softkey.
  9. Press the EXIT softkey.