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Voice, Data, and Video Systems


Voice over IP phone service gives you flexibility in supporting remote staff and locations, creates a strong failover scenario, and reduces monthly phone charges. Based on your operational requirements, BCS will configure a VoIP solution for your needs.

SIP trunks

A SIP trunk is telephone service delivered on an Internet path that interfaces to a premise-based phone system. Many companies are transitioning from POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines from Verizon and Charter to SIP trunks. Besides offering cost savings, SIP trunks deliver personal DID numbers, offer telephone numbers for remote cities, and provide immediate failover capability. SIP trunks allow you to benefit from the savings of VoIP phone service without the expense of implementing a full VoIP deployment.

Intermedia Unite Hosted PBX

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Intermedia Unite hosted PBX is a phone system in the cloud. Instead of having a phone system in your office, the phone system is in the cloud. The hosted PBX has no hardware to maintain, offers the flexibility to use your phone anywhere, supports the connectivity of remote branches and staff, and allows each staff member to have their own direct phone line while providing cell phone integration and voicemail to email transcription service.

VoIP Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server runs your premise-based Asterisk FreePBX phone system in the cloud. This option offers a cost savings over a Hosted PBX because it gives you the flexibility to add users, change phone types, and to switch SIP trunk providers.

The implementation of any Voice over IP service and system requires expertise, preparation, and a team work approach with the ISP, the carriers, the IT staff, and the VoIP vendor. BCS offers the experience to implement a VoIP deployment.