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Vertical SBX IP 320 Programming System Speed Dial

These instructions may not be compatible with all configurations or software revisions.

Note: With the latest version of software, you can administer the system speed dial numbers from your PC. Call BCS at 508-797-6612 for details.

The attendant station (x100 for most customers) is the only station that can change the system speed dial bins.

To program: (do not lift the handset)

  1. Press the TRANS/PGM button
  2. Press the SPEED button
  3. Dial a code under which the number is to be stored (2000,  etc)
  4. Dial the telephone number
  5. Press HOLD/SAVE button (number is saved)
  6. Enter name (call back button = deleted last letter entered)
    Note: to enter a name: A = 21, B = 22, C = 23, etc
  7. Press HOLD/SAVE button