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Voice, Data, and Video Systems

Vodavi Infinite/STS/STSe/XTS Programming System Speed Dial

These instructions may not be compatible with all configurations or software revisions.

System speed dial numbers must be entered by the first programmed attendant (typically station 100).

  1. Do not lift the handset
  2. Press the SPEED button once.
  3. Press a desired outside line key
    Select an outside line automatically by pressing the SPEED button a second time.
  4. Dial the speed bin location
    00–19 station speed numbers
    20–99 system speed numbers
  5. Dial telephone number.
  6. Press the SPEED button.
  7. Press ON/OFF button to end speed dial programming.

To clear an existing speed bin:

  1. Press the SPEED button twice.
  2. Dial the speed bin location.
  3. Press the SPEED button again.
  4. Confirmation tone will be heard.