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Case Study: Savers Bank Telecommunications Upgrade & Addition of IP Telephony

Although they are almost one hundred years old, Savers Bank embraces and knows how to make use of new technologies. BCS recently completed a project to upgrade Savers Bank's telecommunication platforms and to implement IP telephony. Headquartered in Southbridge, Savers Bank has branch locations in Auburn, Charlton, Uxbridge, Grafton, Sturbridge, and Southbridge.

The main reason for the upgrade was to provide 4-digit telephone dialing throughout all the branches. Using Voice over IP technology over their existing secure Wide Area Network, any staff member at any branch location can now call any extension at any branch, simply by dialing the person's 4-digit extension number.

The upgrade created improved communications between branch staff and operations; simplified calling for customers who can reach anyone within the Savers Bank voice network simply by dialing one number; produced toll call savings because there are no per-minute or per-call charges on the VoIP calls; and reduced monthly line cost charges because VoIP reduced the number of required lines; and provided all branches with features such as caller ID, automated attendant, and voice mail, and voice mail messages delivered to email.

At the Southbridge Operations' Center, BCS upgraded Savers' ten-year-old Mitel PBX to Mitel's current SX200 ICP MX IP platform. The Mitel upgrade program allowed Savers Bank to reuse their digital and analog telephones and legacy circuit cards and cabinets, while implementing VoIP, resulting in a significant cost savings.

At the six branches, BCS replaced the old electronic and digital phone systems with Mitel SX200 ICP CXi IP phone systems. An added benefit of having the same telephone system platform at all the locations is that the phone system features and functions are standardized throughout. This also allows staff to easily move between branches with no learning curve or retraining.

BCS would especially like to thank John Dziembowski (Vice President of Information Technology), Tom Brown, and Dan Desy, all of Savers Bank, who planned and implemented the network side of the upgrade. Their involvement helped the project run smoothly. Also, we would like to thank the Savers Bank staff at all the locations who were so helpful, patient and enthusiastic about the new technology.

We expect Savers Bank 's phones to ring for another 100 years.